Alexander Johnson

Entrepreneur - Corporate Strategist - Financier

Alexander Johnson Profile

Founder and CEO Alexander Johnson is an international businessman and fund manager. He is the chief executive of Johnson Corporation and private investment firm Lochwood Capital. He recently launched London-based technology venture builder, Lochwood Ventures, which focuses on innovations in financial services, media, education, digital health and machine intelligence.

Alexander was born in London and spent his childhood in the United Kingdom and Austria. After attending university in London and Switzerland, he launched various personal business projects in renewable energy and technology sectors. Shortly afterwards he became involved with several American and European companies as investor relations consultant and corporate strategy adviser, assisting in their IPO journeys from planning to execution.

Aged 24, he was cited as the youngest CEO on the London Stock Exchange during his time at Worldwide Natural Resources PLC, a waste-to-energy company operating in South Africa, where he was board director. Before launching Lochwood Capital, which oversees his personal investments and development projects, Alexander worked with companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. This exposed him to an extensive network of ventures and granted direct insight into the operations of early- to mid-stage projects, particularly in the technology sector.

Alexander is also involved in causes for the preservation of wildlife and the ocean and is an active supporter of renewable energy initiatives and waste-to-energy projects in the UK, Europe and Africa.