Sector Expertise

Areas of focus

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Our Sectors


We have identified a lack of liquidity in the UK property market and analysed the German market, recognising the opportunity for growth there. With further scepticism around the future of the European Union, we see Germany as a good market to focus on without too much risk.


We have reviewed traditional venture capital models and realised that, oftentimes, they don't work or do justice to the teams behind them. As a private investment office, we have chosen not to invest in outside opportunities but focus on things we can organically build in-house using our team.


Through our research and development initiatives, we are optimising the potential of waste-to-energy projects. In collaborating with industry leaders nationally and internationally, we aim to enhance energy efficiency and sustainability of renewable energy supply.

Corporate Finance

We consult companies at different stages of their growth cycle and help organisations establish competitive advantages through strategic corporate finance. In addition, we look to acquire companies with a steady cashflow and those in need of significant change in direction to better their future prospects.


Lochwood Capital serves as an investment company of founder and CEO Alexander Johnson. We are currently in the process of being FCA authorised and look to convert Lochwood Capital into a venture capitalist advisory firm in the future.